Specialists in the sale and servicing of marine safety equipment and firefighting equipment and systems.

Load Testing

A comprehensive load testing service on a global basis. We cater to the specific needs of clients, whether for static or dynamic load testing of davits, winches, cranes and lifting equipment in both the marine and industrial sectors.

In addition, we perform load testing and commissioning for new installations. Platform rigs, vessel’s lifeboat, and Davit winch systems and even ship’s gangways have been tested for structural integrity and operational readiness, in line with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Regulations which stipulate that load testing of critical safety equipment is mandatory.

Some of the more common load testing programs carried out include:

  • Lifeboat Load testing
  • Davit Frame and Structural Static Load Testing
  • Dynamic Winch Brake Load Testing
  • Cranes and Lifting Equipment Load Testing
  • Ship’s Gangway Load Testing
  • New Installation Commissioning & Load Testing